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121 Business Coaching

I will work with you one on one to hit your goals wither your looking for an extra £400 per month to top up you/your family’s income or to build an multinational home business. You set the goals, I teach you how to get there and we get to work together.

Are you ready to be a Force of Nature?

Nature's Tonic UK

When my health hit rock bottom in 2011 getting well was all I could think about, I managed to completely turn my life around by making it my sole focus. Now, despite being an asthma and IBS sufferer I am in the best condition I have ever been in my life! Here I share nutrition advice, top tips and my favourite health products to help you glow from head to toe.


Growing up in the 90’s left me with a love for 90’s music! That combined with a love to exercise and help people feel their best lead me to create GlasGlow! Clubbercise fitness classes in Glasgow…….Keep your eyes peeled for class dates and times

What People Are Saying

“Alana is amazing to work alongside and I’ll tell you why….. She is very professional at what she does but at the same time wants to have loads of FUN! She is a superstar and knows her business and products to perfection. She is helpful and extremely motivating. In my eyes she’s an inspiration! She is thee best at public speaking and her training sessions are awesome! She is a very hard working lady but the thing I love most about Alana is her great sense of humour. If you are lucky enough to work with her your in for a real treat! ” Shirley Scott


“I’ve worked with Alana now for many years. In that time we have become friends as well as business partners. She is one of the most driven, motivated and ambitious women that I know! Alana also has the ability to inspire everyone around her with her positive outlook and knowledge. Its been a pleasure working with her and I can’t wait to see all of the incredible things she goes on to achieve in the future” Jennifer Hardie

Entrepreneur, Coach, Model and Author

I have known Alana a few years now and as well as helping me build a business, we have built a friendship.

Alana is a wonderful professional person to work with and her training is second to none. She is a true inspiration to anyone who meets her.  She is one of the most, hardworking, motivating and honest people I know and doesn’t advise or help on anything without having the knowledge to back it up.

No challenge is too big or too small and she is always there to help you, in whatever way you need.

Alana has a way of inspiring you to be the best you can be and if you have the opportunity to work with her, I would recommend you take it.

I continue to be in awe and inspired by this lovely lady and feel lucky to have her as my friend and mentor!’

Marie Harte


Things I’m Passionate About……

I want a good figure…………….

I would absolutely hate to be a kid growing up in the environment of fake everything……boobs, lips, Botox…..surrounded by six packs..Photoshop….all reminding you how inadequate you are. Now don’t get me wrong I see nothing wrong with plastic surgery or aesthetics and...

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Don’t Waste Your Time or Time Will Waste You …….

Time, Money, Time for Money, no more time but need More Money………..It’s a constant battle for most and something I used to really struggle with myself.  There’s only so many hours in the day right? So what’s the answer? I remember sitting at 20 years old and watching a...

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Diary of a Yo-Yo Diet

I'm on a Diet............ How many times had I said that phrase? Too many!! I pretty much spent my life on an of diet, how sad is that? Constantly in a state of denial....It's not a fun place to be. So, I was a fat kid brought up eating hearty homemade meals with...

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There’s Nothing We Can DO….MY IBS Hell

When your young you think anything can be solved with medication….well that what I thought anyway  Turns out I was wrong This is the position I found myself in January 2012.  After severe food poison I was left with horrific bloating daily (I would go from a size 10...

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